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    don’t use uteruses as symbol for feminism ok

    here’s why:

    • you’re excluding trans women
    • you’re including some trans men
    • you’re excluding cis women who may not have a uterus because they’ve lost it because of or to avoid #cancer 

    stop doing this it’s so gross

    Uteruses are inseparable from feminism, and will continue to be so as long as people (and yes, primarily women) are targeted for having uteruses, through control of them and control of the overall bodies that possess them.  And what, we’re going to say that women who want to reclaim that body part, which has been used to oppress them, and transform it into a symbol of power against their oppressors, shouldn’t be allowed to?

    Are we going to start saying abortion and birth control aren’t key components of modern-day feminism?  That is the logical next step of this kind of thinking.  You can’t separate female anatomy from those issues.  Are we going to pretend that babies aren’t abused and murdered *precisely for* possessing the kind of bodies that contain uteruses?

    What movement is going to seek to remedy these injustices if not feminism?  The existence of people with sex dysphoria does not somehow negate the millenia of oppression that has been firmly based ON SEX, and which continues today.  I ask again, what movement is going to seek to remedy these injustices if not feminism?

    Yeah, but at the same time, uterus-based feminism often ends up leading to that pseudo-anarchist, anti-medicine, anti-science, “you’re not a ~real wombyn~ if you don’t have a litter of kids”, “your period is only painful because of patriarchy” brand of shitty feminism. You know the shit I mean. Like it’s definitely possible to go too far in the other direction.  

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Texas Wasp Moth

drag queens rule

I’m horribly phobic of wasps but I adore (most) moths so this confuses the hell out of me. 



    Texas Wasp Moth

    drag queens rule

    I’m horribly phobic of wasps but I adore (most) moths so this confuses the hell out of me. 

  4. You’d think a pre-ulcer would be great for weight loss but nope, it burns more if your stomach isn’t full. Fuck you, biology.

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    Yoni is a Sanskrit word that means “sacred space,” and stands for a woman’s sexual center. 

    While the Yoni Egg is inserted into your vagina, use your breath to move the energy through your body to:

    1. Feel more grounded and centered in yourself.

    2. Be more in tune with your sensuous capacity.

    3. Massage your yoni from the inside.

    4. Increase your flow of sexual hormones.

    5. Develop stronger orgasms.

    6. Heighten the responsiveness of your G-spot.

    7. Maintain healthy reproductive organs.

    8. Prevent incontinence in later years.

    9. Experience pleasant aliveness in your feminine center.

    Training your yoni muscle with the aid of the Yoni Egg creates a whole new octave of groundedness in your feminine being, of expanded sensual experience, and ultimately expanded orgasmic capacity with sensations that are deliciously pleasurable.

    biologyweeps do these things work?

    Aside from the whole energy and ‘feminine centre’ things which are 5000 miles outside of of my expertise?

    Yeah this is basically kegel exercise though the size looks bit much for me, especially if you’er just starting and if those things are made out of rock instead of some plastic. Which does remind me, not every kind of gemstone (or every kind of plastic!) can go into your body safely. A lot of gem stones have traces of heavy metals like arsenic in them, and you should also remember that the vagina of a human female of reproductive age is pretty damn acidic. It can bleach panties, it sure can damage gemstones or the wrong kind of plastic if you use these things extensively. 

    So while kegel exercise in itself is a great idea, the use of tools for it isn’t necessary, and merely contracting the right muscles without aids works just as well (ask a medical professional if you’re curious!)

    That “amber” one is most likely plastic. At the very least it’s young amber (that is, hardened but non-fossilized tree sap), which is a very porous and unstable material. Yeah, don’t stick that up yourself, please. 

    Most plastics are actually unsafe for long-term skin contact, which is why you see body mod blogs warning people again and again not to wear acrylic jewelry for more than a few hours at a time, or at all. 

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    Patrick Alexander’s 22 Panels That Always Work!!

    Useful resource for pros.

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    is there an actual reason why people find cats cute? like can the science or psychology side of tumblr explain this?

    I dunno about like their weird little animal faces but basically adult cats never meow at each other and the reason why cats meow at us is because they’re imitating babies and basically tricking us into caring for them?

    I’m fully aware it’s a trick and I still love them. I love cats. I love every kind of cat.

    *fans eyes*

    Yep. And in addition to the meowing thing, the way they purr when they want something from us (called a “solicitation purr”) also has the same frequency as a baby’s cry embedded in it. 

    More generally, creatures whose facial proportions are close to a human baby’s - which cats’ roughly are - hack our brains to make us want to take care of them. “Cuteness” itself exists to make us take care of babies. The quest for baby-like faces is why humans are driven to create brachycephalic pet breeds, incidentally.

    Now, as to why someone like me (for instance) thinks cats are head-explodingly adorable but human babies are disgusting, I have no idea.

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    Anonymous said: Did you know that you are actually gay? transtamlen(.)tumblr(.)com(/)post(/)94041233295

    Won’t my husband be surprised. 

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